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What is a '"Route"?

When creating your own route on Outdooractive, you can choose whether you save it first as a “plan“ or go immediately into creating the route. A plan (which comprises simply a title and track geometry) is the initial step in creating the route. A completed route will contain detailed descriptions and data as well as pictures and possibly videos.

How to create a route

To create a route, you can either open the Route Planner, set way points A, B, C, etc. and then click on “Create route“, or you can go to “My page“ → “Routes“ → “Plan a new route“.

Now you come to editing your route. This involves entering a short descriptive overview, uploading photos to the gallery, revising key data such as the duration and length of the route and entering a detailed description. When your route is finished, you can decide whether you want to publish it for all community members to see or you keep it “private“.

In order to publish the route, you first have to change the status under "Publish" in the editing section. Clicking on the slider turns it blue and after saving, the route will then be visible to all community members.

What defines a route?

  • It comprises geometry as well as a title, description, detailed data, pictures, videos (if so chosen), etc.
  • It is based on a previous “Plan”
  • It can be published or remain private
  • It cannot go back to being a Plan 

As soon as a plan has been converted into a route is will be deleted. You can find out more about what a “plan” is here.

Please note: In order to plan or create a route you must first be registered with us. 

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